Terms & Condition

General Terms & Warranty Period

Hanna International Corporation warrants its products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship starting from their date of shipping from Hanna International for a period of time as indicated below. The warranty period of products varies based on their product categories.


SHREDDERS (Limited Warranty Coverage) 

Hanna warrants Two (2) years on Cutting Cylinder & One (1) year on all other parts of the machine against defect of workmanship & material. Hanna will, at its sole option, provide the replacement parts free of charge if the product proves to be defective. 


LAMINATING MACHINE (Limited Warranty Coverage) 


Hanna warranty One (1) year on all parts and service.


BINDING MACHINE (Limited Warranty Coverage)


Hanna warranty One (1) year on all parts and service.


Warranty Terms & Conditions

This warranty is limited to either the repair or replacement (at Hanna's sole discretion) of the defective product during its warranty period.

Hanna's warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the product.

Warranty is non-transferable and will not be honored if the warranty seal and serial number of the unit is removed, altered or obliterated.


Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Products found to be defective after the warranty period has expired.
  2. Has not been maintained in accordance with any operating or handling instructions provided by the manual. 
  3. which has been used other than in accordance with the product operating and handling instructions, or 
  4. which has problems not arising from defects in original material or workmanship
  5. The warranty seal and serial number has been tampered, removed or unit has been repaired by anyone.
  6. Loss or damage of this unit in the event of robbery, misuse, abuse, mishandling, neglect, improper line voltage, faulty electrical circuit.
  1. Products damaged due to a natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flooding, earthquake, fire or other natural calamities or acts of God.


Service Terms & Charges

Once the Customer agrees to a product inspection, Hanna will inspect the product, send a quote for the total repair cost, and will wait for the Customer’s approval.

If the Customer does not want Hanna’s repair service, Hanna will either return the defective product to the Customer or scrap the product locally, based on the Customer’s decision.

Once unit was damaged, you are advise to consult us for proper operation and repair of your unit,  our repair service center is located at suite 805 8/f BTTC Centre, Ortigas Avenue corner Roosevelt St., Greenhills, San Juan City. 

Depending on unit category, a minimum diagnostic fee shall be charged even in case that unit is subsequently determined as beyond repair. There will be corresponding charges for adjustment and replacement of parts after or/ under warranty period depending on parts damaged (given that the parts for replacement or repair is excluded from the warranty coverage). 

All repairs done by Hanna International Corporation are guaranteed for a period of six (6) months (parts and labor) from the date of repair and provided same defect(s) are encountered. 

If unit was not claimed 90 days after the date of repair or from last communication with us, Unit shall be forfeited in favor of Hanna International Corporation to cover the cost of repair and storage without need of notice of advice.