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The Fujipla LPE-3510 roll laminator is incredibly easy to use and has an ultra-fast warm-up time, making it a popular choice for schools and small businesses alike. 

The LPE-3510 is also widely-used by printers for on-demand lamination of prints from their toner-based digital presses or copiers. For individuals and organizations that primarily laminate smaller documents, the LPE-3510 will provide film and energy savings when compared to a standard 27" laminator. This 13" model only occupies half of the counter space and uses half of the electricity, plus it greatly reduces film waste by using 12" rolls. In addition, the small rollers provide increased adhesion by applying more pressure than most of their 27" counterparts. Because the LPE-3510 has a fully-adjustable temperature knob, it can accommodate any laminating film up to 3 mil thick, including GBC NapLam-II and USI Opticlear, as well as Lamination Depot's own Standard and Pro-grade laminating rolls. 


Maximum Document Size: 12" (allows edges to seal) 

Roller Width: 13" Heating 

Method: Heat shoes 

Maximum Film Thickness: 3 Mil 

Speed: 4’ per minute 

Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes 

Core Size: 1” Adjustable 

Feed Guide: Yes 

Reverse Switch: Yes 

Power Source: 120V AC, 60Hz 

Warranty: 1 year 

Key Features: 

Special roller pressure lever that allows you to gap the rollers while not in use to prevent flat spots from developing. This feature also allows for easier threading, jam clearing, and roller cleaning